Cult Cosmetics & Minimal Creative Packaging Design

Skincare aficionados will already know of these cult cosmetic brands, and may have even
noticed a common thread between their brand packaging design. There has been a recent trend in minimal
creative packaging designs from cosmetic companies as it seems brands are starting to let the products
speak for themselves. Here are three cosmetic brands championing the minimal aesthetic in their brand packaging:


Glossier is an online skincare and makeup company built for the Instagram generation.  Both their website and their brand packaging features simple, bold text and a pop of millennial pink, making their products objectively picture worthy. The packaging designers have done a great job. In the era of ‘haul’ culture, it’s no accident that Glossier’s products are photo ready; consumers willingly post and share their attractive new purchases, which acts as free promotion for the brand and solidifies Glossier’s online presence as a “people powered beauty ecosystem”. Pretty Clever. 

The Ordinary

Skincare alchemy has become a widespread interest, with many consumers building advanced multi-step routines of acids and serums. And with their scientific skincare and makeup at affordable price points, The Ordinary might just be the reason for this. Following this trend, they have decided to lean into the laboratory aesthetic and keep their branded packaging incredibly simple and unambiguous, with all ingredients listed in plain sight. This simplistic and practical approach to their graphic packaging also ensures they don’t alienate the growing male skincare market.

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is a high end skincare brand which prides itself on clean ingredients. The packaging designer has created a great fluid branding system featuring rounded corners, brightly coloured lids and the Drunk Elephant logo (a simple line drawing of an elephant) on every product. Allegedly, the ingredients of each Drunk Elephant product work best in conjunction with each other – meaning if you want the best results you should buy them all (seems convenient, doesn’t it?), and the design of the packaging is no different – the products look great together and have undoubtedly been designed to bring some colour to your vanity space.

Written by – Sophia Joannides