Luxury Branding – Five of the best Luxury branding design jobs

At Middle Boop Design Studios there’s nothing we like more than a brilliantly executed full branding job and a great niche in that market is Luxury Branding. There are some amazing luxury branding jobs and luxury graphic design jobs out there and we wanted to highlight five modern luxury branding jobs for 2019.

1. Hasmats Health (top image) – Designed by Brand Nu studio, each Each HASHMATS® Health product has been formulated with the expertise of a Pharmacist and has undergone lab analysis to be Halal Certified from the Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC). This is a fantastic luxury brand and packaging job for a type of product that doesn’t usually require this level of detail or consideration from a great branding studio. Full of colour and 3d elements. This is one to check out.

2. Little Fig – Little Fig is a deli and hummus located in the Pythian Market in New Orleans. This project, created by Stitch Design Co really optimises a modern luxury brand job. Taking vibrant colours and beautiful mark making, around some simple type work, they have created a fun and playful brand with a luxury feel.


3. Bafta Guru – An original luxury brand, Bafta got a great twist and spin from Onrepeat studio who created a vibrant and bold look and feel for Bafta. ‘A flexible identity system that becomes a showcase for inspiration and creativity. A dynamic toolkit that comes to life through the work of BAFTA Guru’s roster of ambassadors and advocates. A system filled with colour, pattern and motion, anchored by a self-dividing grid and endless possibilities and adaptable to any content.’ These guys have done a great job.

4. Groww – Bright, vibrant and colourful are the three words that come to mind from the Lisbon design studios work for Groww, a healthy food brand which is luxury but again with a modern spin. The colour system is based on the three RGB colours: Green, Blue and Red. Representing the product, and the Cold and Hot Temperatures of how food is served.

5. Suiomi – This simple and elegant branding job for the skincare brand Suiomi is well executed from the intricate type work to the well treated photography. The studio who created this work have got the essence of this brand spot on.