Middle Boop Studio’s Top 3 Sustainable Packaging Designs

Whether it be because of pressure from consumers, or the weight of capitalist guilt, more and
more brands seem to be moving towards sustainable packaging alternatives. In the past few
years we’ve seen plenty of new sustainable brands and environmentally friendly packaging emerging, which has forced the more established brands at the top to follow suit. But sustainable doesn’t have to mean boring, far from it. So we’re presenting you with three major brands who are doing things right and raising the bar for the future.
“If I gotta opt for sustainable packaging, I’ma make it look sexy” – Kendrick Lamar

1. L’Oreal’s Seed Phytonutrients (pictured above)

Seed Phytonutrients is a ‘mission-driven beauty brand’ launched by the L’Oreal group.
L’Oreal has previously been criticised for excessive branded packaging and misleading
statements on animal testing, so Seed Phytonutrients is a great way for L’Oreal to
counteract this narrative through organic products and stripped back packaging. Seed
Phytonutrients’ creative packaging bottles are made of 100% recycled paper with post-consumer plastic
liner, making them the first shower-friendly paper bottle. These bottles contain 60% less
plastic than traditional bottles, with subtle pops of colour and design that reflects the
values of the brand.


2. Unilever’s Minim

Unilever is responsible for cosmetic brands such as Dove, Lynx and Sure, and is
therefore responsible for a considerable amount of indestructible plastic waste. Aside
from this, there is the added component of aerosol in each deodorant can, making
Unilever’s ecological footprint like an NBA player’s sized footprint. For this reason, Unilever
has revealed reusable retail packaging for nine of it’s brands; a refillable deodorant stick made
from stainless steel. The packaging is monochromatic with minimal branding, and is
designed to last a minimum of 100 cycles. The deodorant should last around one month
on average and Unilever predicts this new packaging will save up to 100 single-use
packs. The sleek design of the creative packaging and the strategy for launching this product are on point.

3. Adidas’ Futurecraft.Loop

Okay, this one is technically not packaging – but we have to mention Adidas’ first ever 100%
recyclable trainer. The Futurecraft.Loop features no glue and only one material across the shoe,
meaning that once it’s worn out it can easily be recycled and remade into a brand new high
performance trainer. This is only one component of Adidas’ commitment to reduce plastic
waste, they are also planning to produce 11 million pairs of shoes from plastic waste on
beaches, coasts and remote islands this year. With so much discourse around counteracting
fast fashion and its detrimental impact on the environment, it’s great to see Adidas making the
effort to take responsibility for the lifespan of their products while still maintaining their their
signature aesthetic and sticking to their core values.

By Sophia Joannides