Restaurant Branding – Top Five Designed restaurant Brands for 2019

At Middle Boop Design Studios love food and we love a brilliantly considered and branded restaurant. You can tell when a restaurant has given the right time to work with a good design studio to really bring their vision to life. Here are five of our favourite restaurant branding jobs.

1. Sardine (top image) – This is one of Stevie Parle’s restaurants that also include Rotorino and Pastaio. He tends to use Here Design for all of his restaurant branding jobs and they always turn out on point but this particularly feels stylised. Great use of colour. The identity itself is casual and unfussy with a nod to the artistic venue. Informed by the myriad of signs and typefaces around the Mediterranean,  the wordmarque’s flowing letter R became a subtle link to the sea. With the supporting visual language drawn from paper cut-outs and torn paper collage that evoked sun-drenched coastlines.

2. Torafuku – Torafuku has a simple yet adventurous menu that reinterprets pan asian flavours as modern shared dishes. These are made from good quality and locally sourced ingredients, which are complimented by a variety of contemporary cocktails, a carefully curated wine list and local craft beers. Torafuku is located on the border of Vancouver‘s historic Chinatown and features an open and reductive urban interior space of leather upholstered benches, light wood stools and tables, a long cast concrete surface, panels of material texture and white walls. This is punctuated by a bright and multi-coloured visual identity, which included business card, packaging and menu design, developed by Canadian graphic design studio Brief.

3. Rebel Cookie – We were commissioned by two ex advertising folk who had this great idea to create a reactive bakery to whatever social media frenzy was happening in the world. This was an opportunity for Middle Boop Studios not to miss as we knew we had two people here who really wanted to create an exciting brand and fun design. So thankfully they had the trust to let me really go a bit wild with the branding. The brand was build around the strong wordmark and striking colours. From there we created a large brand illustration with core elements that can be pulled out and used for other sections of the brand. Once the brand and core illustration was created, we got down to the website, social, packaging, stand design, outdoor advertising and loads of merch.

4. Old Elephant House – Old Elephant House is a new brasserie and courtyard bar in the former elephant enclosure at Auckland Zoo. It offers an à la carte menu and set three-course meals made up of light and elegant dishes. It is a building that is distinct in its proportions and location, with tall doors and windows from which to hear the distant calling siamang gibbons. Taking cues from the animals of the zoo and their jungle habitats, and with a mind towards a relaxed environment for family and friends, Studio South developed an illustrative collage of exotic motifs, cropped across menus and costers, and transitioning into a space designed by Izzard by way of hand-painted murals.
5. Orson Burger Kitchen – Taking inspiration from the work of artist Edward Hopper, and the style of the American diners of the 1920s and 1930s, Mexican design studio Anagrama developed an interior and visual identity design for Orson, a restaurant in the city of San Pedro pairing burgers with a wide selection of wines and milkshakes. The project, alongside a distinctive interior design of material detail, contrasting colour and form, also included menus, packaging, business cards, and beer mats.