Adidas: Graphic Design, Illustration and advertising

Following the success of our Creators Hub, Adidas approached us again to work on the advertising for three new football boots, Adidas Predator, Adidas Nemeziz and Adidas X that it was launching to twin with the start of the new Premier League season. The briefs were different for each trainer and we worked out a strapline that exemplified what each one was about.

The Predator was ‘Master Control’ so with that in mind and the thought of the heritage of the Predator, we created the look and feel inspired by retro games, and the ‘Games Master’ era of video games where you literally would master the control.
The X was ‘Unleash Speed’ so the piece was based around speed and energy. I took inspiration from the crazy patterns on the trainer and also the vibrant colours.
The Nemeziz was ‘Unlock Agility’ so the work became an illustrative type piece where the typography was executed, floating around the trainer, again, taking more inspiration from the patterns and markings on the trainer to complete the piece.

Graphic Design & Illustration
Gordon Reid

Jonny Silcock & Lucy Woodall