Adobe Live Book Cover

Middle Boop have recently been working with the good folks at Adobe on all manor of projects, from speaking to creation of artwork. For this particular project I was invited to work live on Adobe’s Youtube channel for three days to create a piece of work. The brief was completely open so I chose to create a book cover for James Ellroy’s LA Confidential. This route was chosen because I’m a massive fan of his books and the covers have been notoriously bad in terms of design. The brief was to work live for two hours a day for three days whilst engaging with Adobe’s core audience who could message in from all over the world.

The direction I took for the design was to first work with the typography and then build the rest of the piece around that, using the type as a focal point. I then highlighted certain objects that all played a part in the unravelling mystery and illustrated those, I implemented all of these objects into the custom grid that was built and build the rest of the piece around that.

Graphic Design & Illustration
Gordon Reid

Presenter and Direction
Michael Chaize