capp brand refresh website design


The initial approach was to create a single illustration for Capp, a recruitment  and development specialist that prides itself on a “strengths” based approach to job hunting. What started out as a simple commission then snowballed into a full-scale rebrand project, indulging new designs for the website and all marketing collateral. The brand needed direction and full guidelines, so after the initial chats, Capp were provided with a large branding document depicting how the illustrative concept could work as a full scale rebrand for the agency.

Capp rebranding 2015


The idea from then on was to create a master design with elements of the illustration that could break out and be used across different touchpoints. When the project was extended into a comprehensive rebrand, The only thing that was to stay was the existing logo with everything else encompassing the new illustrative look. Not an easy task. The final result works on many levels and across all platforms, from Powerpoint slides to huge marketing posters to below-the-line leaflets.

capp brand refresh website design
Capp website deisgn
Capp brand refresh 2015
capp brand refresh website design


Illustration and design
Gordon Reid

Art Direction 
Gordon Reid & Caroline Mackinnon