andrew hung album design rave cave

Andrew Hung


Andrew Hung is a musician best known as one half of the band Fuck Buttons, making music that’s beats-driven and occasionally created using a Game Boy. Gordon Reid has worked with him throughout his career on all EP and album visuals, aiming to create an aesthetic that reflected his sound. 

andrew hung repetition vs time twitter design
andrew hung rave cave twitter design
andrew hung album design rave cave
andrew hung album design repetition vs time
andrew hung logo
andrew hung album cover star ferry dub


The design solution is based around a sort of 8-bit world, meaning the identity extends across each release, showing a different part of an imagined game on each piece. Working in close collaboration with Andrew, the design thinking had to be two steps ahead of the current project to ensure the images worked as a holistic series.

Illustration and design
Gordon Reid

Art Direction 
Gordon Reid and Andrew Hung