Proversity: Strategy & Branding for Digital Learning Platform

Proversity is a full service digital learning service that delivers cutting-edge digital learning experiences. Their unique ‘learning first’ online program management solutions support Higher Education, Government and Enterprise to monetise both existing and new short and full programs. Their mission, ‘To bridge the gap between technology, education and employment.’

We helped the Proversity founders pivot their startup ‘e-learning website’ into an innovative new Digital Learning Platform. Creating an entire brand strategy including developing brand pillars, while introducing a new look and feel to the brand – giving it new momentum as it successfully shifted from startup in a shared studio and six employees to massive international business with three global offices and over 50 members of staff.
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The brand identity and brand narrative were created from scratch. The initial stage involved a number of workshops and questionnaires to decipher their core brand values, vision and demographics and together with the CEO we developed a strategy to take the business from startup to established mid-level business and by the time we had launched, with the new brand strategy, mission statement, brand narrative and infrastructure, they were able to achieve this.
The logo itself is made up of five pieces and each piece represents one of their core values. The idea behind it was that the logo could be taken apart and the pieces could be used as graphic devices to house copy and logos throughout the brand.
Since our work, they have succeeded in gaining a $US 3 million investment and have doubled the size of their staff including a larger office in London, Cape Town and have a hub in Salt Lake City, UT as well as establishing teams in California, Doha and Oxford.