The clever laundry capsule that comes in the post

We started work with Homey to develop their second phase of growth. Along with the Unilever disruption team and collaborating with the performance marketing team Otherway, we got on board to take Homey from a very early stage startup to a firmly established direct-to-consumer brand. We helped them establish a strong strategy and identity for taking Homey forward and become a profitable business. Contributed everything from expanding the toolkit, full marketing strategy, created new products including a fragrance kit and got their CPA rate down from about £5.00 to £0.50p.
With the lead time to turn this project around only six weeks at the start, we took a direct and agile approach to bringing Homey to life. We moved into the Unilever building and worked closely with the disrpution team to make quick decisions and build the product at speed.
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